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Affiliate Program connects influencers and their audiences with premium modular 3-in-1 3D printers proudly created by Snapmaker.

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How does it work?


Click “join us” to register, please make sure provide all the information required.


The qualified affiliate will be notified by email. You will receive a review unit, a dedicated affiliate link or a coupon code.

Create and Share

Create related content with a 3-month period. Don’t forget to include your affiliate link or coupon code!

Reevaluate and Earn

The commission is determined by the overall performance of your content, up to 10%, reevaluated and paid every 3 months.

Who should join?

• A social media influencer with fast-growing followers






  • • A blogger, a website editor or journalist
  • • An admin or moderator of a forum
  • • A creative with unique impact

Who have we worked with?

GreatScott! |  Snapmaker 2.0 Review

GreatScott! | Snapmaker 2.0 Review

Make Anything | Snapmaker Original Review

Make Anything | Snapmaker Original Review

Roman Khramov |  Snapmaker Original Review

Roman Khramov | Snapmaker Original Review

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