Make Connections Happen - Give Me 5!

The 5th anniversary is worth celebrating together, yet the world is now physically disconnected and makes it impossible to engage with our users and partners face-to-face.

Fortunately, we can still keep in touch online. Join our social media activity by giving us five and we will help to connect you with people across the world by putting your photos together to complete a remote high five!

Aug 12, 2021 – Aug 24, 2021

Winners - High Five!
All Entries - Give Me Five!

Ways to Enter

Participants can enter the activity through social media platforms by posting a photo of high five pose and greetings with required hashtags #High5Snapmaker and #MakeItHappen .

  • Facebook

    Post to Snapmaker Facebook page with the required hashtags.

  • Instagram

    Post with the required hashtags and mention @snapmakerinc.

  • Twitter

    Tweet with the required hashtags and mention @snapmaker.

  • Contest Prizes, Rule and Evaluation



    $50 eGift Card×48

    4 pairs of winners will be picked every two days on Aug 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, adding up to 48 winners.


    Participants need to:

    • • Upload a photo of yourself, your kid or your pet adopting high five pose.
    • • Express your greetings to the person you are giving high five to in words.
    • • Add required hashtags and mention us according to the platform as mentioned before.
    • Winners are picked in pairs. We will put the photos of every two winners together to complete a high five.


    • 1. Are the winners picked randomly?
      Not necessarily. Posts with high quality photos of real person, fun photos or nice greetings are more likely to stand out.
    • 2. Why can’t I see my photo in All Entries gallery?
      Your photo will be displayed after approval, about 1-2 work days after submission.
    • 3. How do I know if I win?
      We will announce the results every two days on our Twitter account. The photos of the winners will also be displayed in the Winners gallery above. Please stay tuned.
    • 4. If I win, how do I claim the prize?
      We will contact you through direct message on social media and offer you the code of the eGift Card.
    Terms and conditions
    • • The prize Amazon $50 eGift Card can be used on (United States site). Click here for more information.
    • • Posts with photos or words conveying negative information will not get approval for entry.
    • • By submitting your photo, you agree that Snapmaker has your permission to edit your photo for better presentation and use your photo on our official channels and for other promotions.
    • • We reserve the right to terminate the activity or change the terms of it at any time.