You can always print big with the Snapmaker!

“I want to get the idea across to people that you don’t need a huge printer to be able to do huge prints. With the use of free software and some glue, anyone is able to do big prints!”

If you have ever thought that you need a big printer for your big prints, you may need to think again. Billz, one of our super makers, is crazy about big 3D models. He has a big printer, but he always chooses the Snapmaker for his big prints because the results by the Snapmaker are perfect and require much less post processing work. “I find the Snapmaker to be much more reliable than my big printer.” Billz says.

“After getting the Snapmaker I set myself a challenge to print big items in a modular manner. Most of my prints have been from the marvel/DC universes such as Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir and stormbreaker, and some have been from well-known games such as Super Mario. There’s no real use for these prints, but who doesn’t want a shelf full of cool movie/game memorabilia?”

“It does exactly what I want it to do.”

“I have made many things with the Snapmaker. Some useful and some just sit on the shelf and look pretty.”

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