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Before we get to the topic of the day, we would like to briefly go over the history of an annual event we held for the past four years. The Snapmaker Makerathon, which we started back in 2017, was a making marathon that encourages people to make anything in under a day. The idea originated from Makerathon, an event widely adopted by the maker community.

Since then, “Snapmaking” has become the routine of many of our users. We see eye-catching designs and art pieces everyday in our Facebook groups and on our Forum. As more people receive their Snapmaker 2.0s, more creations have surfaced and more makers want to showcase their works. So this year, we are going to do something different.

We are announcing the Snapmaking Contest, our 5th event. Instead of hosting a 24-hour event, we are making the Snapmaker Contest a monthly event with special prizes. Each event is going to have a different theme, and their prizes will vary.

Snapmaking Contest is the biggest event in Snapmaker history and it is catered to all Snapmaker customers. Are you an active maker? Are you an environmentally friendly individual? Do you want to make something valuable or make something more valuable? If you check all the answers to the questions above, then we’ve got a contest for you.

The theme of our 5th Snapmaking contest is #upcycling. We encourage you to make something valuable out of something that is less useful. Frankly, the more value you create with your work, the better. We assess your work by following the criteria below.

  1. Creativity – How new or innovative is you work?
  2. Originality – Is your work one of a kind?
  3. Practicality – Is your work useful?
  4. Eco-friendly – How environmentally friendly is your work?
  5. Community Votes (70%) – You are also your own judge.
  6. Snapmaker Team Evaluation (30%) – It needs to grab our attention!

Submission deadline: March 7, 2021

A couple more ideas to get you started. Use this opportunity to turn regular materials into something more valuable such as a laser cut cat house top, a wooden desk lamp with 3D printed parts, or a 3D printed and painted sound amplifier. Feel free to check out this video example of turning Amazon boxes into 3D mandala art by LRN2DIY.

The winners will each get a Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module, which is our latest addon for the Snapmaker 2.0. It enables your Snapmaker to rotary carve and laser. We will also randomly choose 3 participants to give them $50 discount codes. The winning projects will be featured on our website and social media. The results of the contest will be published within a week after the contest ends. Terms and conditions apply.

Learn more about Snapmaking Contest to win a Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary module! Join the contest by signing up on our website! It’s time to “snapmake” something valuable by #upcycling!

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