Snapmaking Contest – Upcycle results are out!

Hi makers, it’s been almost a month since the announcement of our 5th Snapmaking Contest. The results are finally out! Let’s take a look at our community’s creation!

From over 100 entries, 4 winners were picked by the community and Snapmaker staff members.

Below is what the Snapmaker staff had to say about this contest: 

“We were very surprised by many of the creative and practical contest entries. It’s the first time that we run the marathon contest beyond the Facebook group since we realize that we need a place to involve all excellent Snapmaker users in. This is a stage for all of you, to show your talent, please stay tuned and waiting for the next round of Snapmaking Contest!”

Grand Prize

Congratulations to the following participants who won the grand prize, a Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module.

1st place in the 3D Printing Group by takeotaの物欲し雑記帳

A Ferris wheel garage (recycled filament spool) for toy cars. The contestant’s son loved it! Check out monohoshi’s blog to see it in action and learn how to make one yourself!

1st place in the Laser Engraving Group by Jason

This cardboard laser carved pen holder can hold a lot of pens.

1st place in the CNC Graving Group by MASASHI Ishikawa

“We’ve added a new design to the back of those worn-out confectionery wooden molds! This wooden mold is used to make traditional Japanese sugar confections. Filaments, nozzles, Collet chucks…Snapmaker users know it all, right? Serve it with tea.”

1st place in the Mixed Group by Jeff Hetherington

“Upcycling old cigar box – Laser engraved with an image. Eyebolts for tuners, old hanger for frets. CNC carved frets location and mapleLeaf headstock with a 3D printing bridge.”

Lucky Prize

At last, congratulations to Vaughan Fulford, Khurram Sharif, and けんし(Kenshi) who were picked randomly as the lucky participants to receive a $50 coupon.

Learn more about Snapmaking Contest projects.

Our Message

This wraps up our 5th Snapmaking Contest. Thank you again for participating in the event and showcased your ingenious ideas! We are hoping to make Snapmaking Contest a series where makers can showcase their making skills and win special prizes along the way. Our next contest will be unveiled soon so stay tuned!

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    1. Hi Khurram, thank you for your support and work! We really liked your project and are looking forward to your next creation! 🙂

  1. I wanted to download the ferris wheel file but my antivirus product detected a virus. Can’t comment on his page about it because I can’t enter the japanese characters to get past the “are you human” authentication. Snapmaker please provide a link to the STL file that is clean or encourage the maker to post it to thingiverse!

    1. Hi Kelly, sorry about the file issue you ran into. My colleague is going to help you get the file and will see if we can post it here for sharing! And solid point regarding Thingiverse!

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