Back-to-school with the Top STEAM Learning Gear!

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths) education is on the rise in recent years and technology like 3D printing continues to serve as an interactive and engaging approach for innovative hands-on learning.

Whether you are thinking about incorporating 3D printing into your curriculum or have already applied it to your classroom, the Snapmaker Original for education got you covered for your STEAM project!

Now we’ve got good news for you! If you are a student, educator, or parent keen on home-schooling, Snapmaker Original for education is now on back-to-school sale with 20% OFF at our online store.

Why choose Snapmaker Original for education?

  • Three different functions

Snapmaker Original is a desktop fabrication tool that enables students to explore 3D printing, laser cutting & engraving, and CNC carving in one single machine.

  • Classroom-ready educator’s guidebook

Each Snapmaker Original comes with a practical educator’s guidebook that covers a whole set of teaching plans, helping teachers integrate technologies into their classroom.

  • Easy-to-use, compact and portable

Thanks to the modular design, students can easily set up the machine. At less than 0.1 m2, it takes up barely half the area of a laptop and fits perfectly on a writing desk. Weighing about 4.5 kg, it’s also exceptionally portable for campus activities and competitions.

Snapmaker Education Stories

We have built a strong foundation of educational cases for primary, secondary, and higher education worldwide, including Beijing Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, SPACEnter Space Science and Technology Institute, Fablab O, SUSTech, and more.

Senior High School STEAM Classes

Shenzhen Second Senior High School has been actively engaged in maker education. Since 2018, the school has been using 15 Snapmaker Original for STEAM classes. With the help of Snapmaker Original, students are able to get hands-on experience and encourage their passion for study new things. According to Shi, the teacher at the school, some students even take their free time and make stuff with Snapmaker at the lab. “We exchange ideas during our teaching process with Snapmaker members as well and are happy to see that they’re upgrading the machine based on our feedback!”

The Merkuur Mobile Workshops

The Merkuur team has innovatively developed mobile workshops and drives to schools where each student, teacher, and parent can test their engineering skills, use different tools and make exciting products. The team now owns 7 Snapmaker machines and has translated Snapmaker Edu Guidebook in Estonian and developed 10 lesson plans, providing classes to120 primary and middle schools in Estonia.

How to Get the Offer?

  • Reach us at and provide your name, name of your organization (school, organization, or home-schooling), and your email to get the exclusive Snapmaker Original for education 20% OFF coupon
  • Snapmaker team will send you the digital Edu guidebook via e-mail after your purchase

Last Words

We’re offering a discount on the education bundle as well and you can save $160 with the Enclosure included for a quieter and safer making environment in the classroom or at home. It can reduce the noise by 10 dB(A) and also keeps the possible hazards away when the machine is laser engraving and CNC carving.

Get the back-to-school Snapmaker Original for education deal now!

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