StarMaker | My Miniature Dreams. A Bed for Royalty.

Hi, my name is Isabel Leal, and I am a Miniaturist Artist.

We are @guiltyminiatures and this is my assistant.

I have been doing miniatures for 3 years now. I am not good at all with technology so for me to get the Snapmaker was a big step. I needed to learn software but after that everything became easier.

At the moment I am using just the laser cutting function. All the miniatures you see on the pictures are cut by the Snapmaker.

How do I get the work done? I design my idea in the Adobe illustrator and save it in a SVG file and upload it to Luban and convert to GCode.

I prefer to copy the file to the USB stick.

Made by: Isabel Leal (Instagram: @guiltyminiatures)

Scale: 1/12

Laser cutting module: Snapmaker 2.0 A250

Software: Adobe Illustrator and Luban


  • 3mm Birchwood
  • 1.5mm Birchwood

Cutting time: 10 hours to cut all parts

Total number of lasers cut parts: depends on design

Printer settings: 

  • Jog speed: 1500mm/min
  • Work speed: 120mm/min
  • Passes: 4
  • Thickness 3mm/1.5mm

Now I cannot live without the Snapmaker. Before I used to draw the pieces of the miniature on the wood and cut it with a Scroll Saw and after spending hours sanding every piece of wood to perfection, I would glue the parts. Later, I will paint and decorate the miniature.

To complete a project could take me a full 3 days before the Snapmaker.

Now it is AMAZING!!!

I design the idea, put it on the USB and the Snapmaker does the hard work for me. I don’t even need to sand any part.

To cut all the parts can take few sessions and a couple of days depending on the complexity of the design, but I don’t need to be there I can be doing something else.

For me I want to inspire the new generation into the Miniature world and to be able to combine that with affordable technology is amazing.

I am not young I am close to 50 so to be able to develop my skills using modern technology and preserving the beauty of designing Miniatures is the best Art I could recommend.

All the Minis you see have been cut by the Snapmaker.

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