10 Children’s Day 3d printing ideas

Every kid expects to receive a special gift on Children’ day. If you’re on the lookout for something unique and meaningful for kids, read on to find what you need. We put together a list of the best Children’s Day 3d printing ideas for you and your child to indulge in 3d printing fun. You can get inspired by the following recommendations and gift the youngster an unforgettable 3D printing experience. Parents that own a 3D printer, such as one from Snapmaker, are always in the best position to make gifts by themselves. Go ahead and make it for them!

1. 3d-printed Snapmaker 3D printer

To celebrate the 6th Anniversary of Snapmaker, the Snapmaker team created a Lego-inspired Snapmaker which allows you first to print it and then assemble it. 3d printing has the magic of creating something out of nowhere. By printing in different sizes and colors, you can create a unique 3d-printed Snapmaker model at your wish. We have prepared the STL files for you!

2. Snapmate by Neil Hengist 

Another Snapmaker-inspired creation from our community! Compared to the above lego-like Snapmaker, this take on the Snapmaker machine is rather expressionist. Neil Hengist designed a character model based on the actual Snapmaker printer and called it Snapmate. It’s just a cute character that can be displayed on your desk. No mosaic palette or MMU is necessary. Just print in the appropriate colors and glue the parts together. You can download the files here for free.

3. Solar System Puzzle by Kenza MacPherson 

What if your kid can learn how to perform laser cutting on a 3d printer and gain knowledge about solar systems simultaneously! This adorable little children’s puzzle can fulfill your wish. To make it even more illustrative after laser cutting, you can let your kid paint it with double-tipped markers like the way Kenza did. Get started via this link

4. 3D Catan board game by Mary Baratta 

Gift a gift that both you and your child can enjoy is a great idea. For example, you can spend quality time with your children by playing a 3D Catan board game.

5. 3D-printed Spiderman by @3d_encounter 

If your child likes comic figures like spiderman, he/she will be satisfied with this idea. This is a version of the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con figure. It stands around 36cm tall or roughly 9 times the size of the original mini figure. @3d_encounter 3d-printed the model on Snapmaker 2.0 A350 and then painted the spiderman outfit on it!

6. Plum-headed parakeet by Benjamin Schmid 

If your kids are very into animals, this 3D printing model is a perfect candidate. The parakeet was designed in Z-Brush. Instead of using paint, 13 different filaments were used in this project. You can learn more about a step-by-step guide to a similar project via this link.

7. Eowyn Costume by Nuno Aml 

A cool outfit will make the youngster feel proud. He/she can try it on and dress up as their favorite character! This Eowyn costume by Nuno Aml made on Snapmaker 2.0 A350 can serve as a great example. Our user 3D-printed the sword and helm, laser-cut the EVA foam for chainmaille, and finally did some wet sanding and painting. Who doesn’t want a dad that owns a Snapmaker? Another example for your reference is a republic commando helmet made by That Y-Wing Guy. 

8. Articulated Dragon by Mcgybeer 

Over the past few months, this trending articulated dragon designed by the model designer Mcgybeer has probably occupied the desktop 3d printers in many households worldwide. It is not without reason. With a sleek outlook and a print-in-place mechanism, this articulated dragon is attractive and easy to print. Everyone likes it! And your child won’t be an exception! This articulated design with a print-in-place mechanism doesn’t require support and can be printed with FDM and resin printers. You can also choose a gradient filament to print a one-of-a-kind version!

9. 3D-printed models for teaching mechanics by Laurent Moutoussamy

This is both a great teaching tool and a fun toy. These 3D-printed models for teaching mechanics by Laurent Moutoussamy were also selected by the Snapmaker team as the best educational user project of 2021. He shared a message with our community: “I modified some of the parts to adapt them to my teaching. I was looking for specific systems to illustrate some points of one of my courses, and I found everything! I teach in high school in France. Some of the students have never seen anything related to mechanical engineering and now I’m forced to teach out of my lab. I needed stuff easy to transport so I can illustrate my courses everywhere.” If your kids are already interested in the mechanical world, download the files here and get started.

10. Educational Toy by @m_ishikawa1992

Other than a toy, this can also benefit children’s upbringing. This is an excellent choice for pre-schoolers to get to know numbers. Also, kids love bright things. We can make educational toys for our kids with colorful filaments that can attract their attention. 

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