Snapmaker Empowers STEAM Education with Back-to-School Campaign

STEAM is an educational approach that has been widely recognized in recent years. With the development of technology, there emerges a powerful tool for STEAM education – 3D printer, which is invaluable for teachers and students. From helping users understand complex concepts via physical models to aiding in the expression of an artistic idea, 3D printers can always bring objects out of the imagination into the real, physical world, and then into the hands of students for their motivation, inspection, analysis, and more. Apart from 3D printing, the Snapmaker 3D printer enables students to do their best in a way that combines Laser Engraving and Cutting, and CNC Carving into one high-quality 3-in-1 machine, making it the perfect choice for education.

Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer Benefits for Education

Create with more freedom

All-in-one versatile 3D printer: Snapmaker 3D printers aren’t just limited to 3D printing. The 3D Printing Module can be swapped out with the included Laser Module and CNC Module. For students with various needs for 3D printed models, etch designs, or fantastic sculptures, Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D printers convey ideas and facilitate STEAM education better than any other things with a hands-on approach.

Expandability: Snapmaker is also committed to providing continuous upgrades like 10W Laser Module & Rotary Module and Add-ons like Enclosure & Air Purifier for even more inventive possibilities. Besides that, Snapmaker Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module will be released this September.

Space saving: Students are able to learn to use three digital manufacturing technologies with one single machine in the classroom, saving a lot of precious space compared to three different machines.

Multiple materials support: Snapmaker 3D printers support a wide range of materials, such as PLA and ABS, and engrave on or cut basswood, leather, brick, slate, stainless steel, and more, further inspiring creativity and encouraging problem-solving skills.

More advantages

Rich learning resources: Snapmaker offers a set of practical materials like video tutorials, quick start guides, and user manuals for beginners to get started. Besides, Snapmaker academy also regularly updates a series of how-to articles to further facilitate 3D printing learning.

Effective software: The integrated software Snapmaker Luban allows complete control over 3D printing, laser engraving or cutting, and CNC carving. Utilizing the three features is made as easy as clicking a few buttons. Luban provides computer programming and computer software design services for various types of people who like DIY and craft. In addition, Luban provides software update and maintenance services for 3D printers manufactured by Snapmaker.

Affordable and competitive price:If you are set to be a STEAM learner, you should not miss this opportunity. Snapmaker will offer special back-to-school deals with up to 20% off from Sep 6th-Sep 20th 2022. You can learn more details at

Snapmaker 3D printers applications

With multiple functions, premium quality, and user-centric services, Snapmaker 3D printers now can be found in many education industry segments, including universities & colleges, and even primary schools.

The University of Electro-Communications, Japan

Kazuyuki Mito, associate professor at the Department of Informatics, Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering, the University of Electro-Communications, used a Snapmaker 3D printer to create palpable guide maps – Braille blocks that can be understood by people with visual impairments through touching. He said: “It will lead to a solution by having more people know and understand visually impaired people through 3D printing, and by actually creating sculptures aimed at visually impaired people. I would be happy if 3D printers will continue to be used in such places to support people with disabilities in the future. ”Next, he plans to hold on-site classes for elementary school students to experience manufacturing using Snapmaker 3D printers and CAD software.


Central Christian Academy is a ministry of Central Christian Church that partners with the Christian home and church to educate and equip children to reach their full academic, physical and spiritual potential in K12 education in Jesus Christ. They offer students an updated space, the Innovation Center, to create, collaborate, learn, build, and demolish. In their 3D printer lab, they used Snapmaker 3D printers for children to print the items they like. According to CCA WICHITA, they were very excited to introduce the Snapmaker 3D printer in their teaching and said “thanks for helping us create luggage tags, playground models, and more 3D printing fun.”

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