Announcement: J1 team has returned to Snapmaker 

We are excited to announce the return of Snapmaker’s early founding team members with their J1 IDEX 3D printer. With nearly a year of improving R&D performance after the return, this new IDEX 3D printer will amaze global desktop 3D printing communities.

J1 team has returned to Snapmaker.

The founding team members of Snapmaker originally came from a makers’ community with a sincere passion for creation. In 2020, after the success of Snapmaker 2.0, some of us embarked on a new journey and launched a new project—J1 IDEX 3D printer (previously known as Jadelabo J1) on Kickstarter.

At first, the J1 team found that auto-calibration was lacking in IDEX 3D printing; thereafter, they pioneered the development of this feature. In November 2021, after nearly a year of R&D, the J1 team decided to return to Snapmaker and benefit from Snapmaker’s existing innovative technology and well-established operation system so that J1 can better meet the commitments to its supporters. We believe that the return of J1 also brings new blood to Snapmaker and puts forward even more innovative solutions to desktop 3D printing technology.

During this year, we have been focusing on improving J1 performance. Now the result has exceeded our expectations. The major innovation breakthrough is the achievement of high-speed printing. Snapmaker J1 3D Printer features lightning-fast IDEX, which brings you prints of high resolution while increasing the printing speed to 350 mm/s. In addition, Snapmaker J1’s new features include the intelligent IDEX calibration solution, advanced materials printing, an all-metal design, a 5-inch intuitive touchscreen, and much more. 

Since the story of Snapmaker began in 2016, we have always been a group of people who share a common belief and insist on the value of “making,” “premium,” and “sincere.” In the future, Snapmaker will always be firmly committed to being user-centered and delivering superior consumer product experience to further lower the barrier to desktop fabrication.

Now that J1 is finally ready to meet everyone, we would like to kindly remind you that except for the original Facebook group of J1, we will no longer provide updates on all social media accounts and the website of Jadelabo since October 25. Further updates will be released on Snapmaker’s official channels. If you were a subscriber of the Jadelabo newsletter, you will soon be automatically subscribed to the Snapmaker newsletter. (All subscribers are free to unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time.)

If you are interested in Snapmaker J1, please follow Snapmaker’s official social media channels and join the Snapmaker J1 Facebook group to catch up on the latest news.


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