Winners announced! The 12th Snapmaking Contest

Hi Makers,

The 12th Snapmaking Contest ended two weeks ago. Sorry for the overdue winners’ announcement! We received 66 entries this time, making the 12th Snapmaking Contest—Gifting with Snapmaker the most popular contest in 2022! And it did take us some time to decide between so many interesting works. Let’s take a look at these gifting ideas and get inspired for your next creations!

1st Prize: Floating message box by Elias BEN AMAR 

Write a message, roll it, float it! 🙂 

I created a “floating message box” as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend.

She loves waking up to these small attentions…

@Snapmaker made it possible to build this original Idea!

2nd Prize: A relief of Lago by Florian Forster

I am 38 years old and from Germany. When I was 15 years old, my father took me and my brother to Italy for vacation. Especially the north of the “Lago di Garda”. My family mostly meets there once a year to camp and ride a mountain bike and have fun together. To honor that, my brother and I wanted to create a special present for our father’s 64th birthday. So we made him a relief of the exact area where we always meet and ride mountain bikes together.

For that, I used my Snapmaker 2.0 A350 with carving and laser engraving. I started with generating the stl for that area using a tool called Terrain2STL. Then I used Fusion 360 to create the layers for carving.

And with the laser engraver, I wrote the word “LAGO” (that’s what my dad calls this vacation) at the bottom of the carving. I used multilayered wood to make a nice contrast and it’s like the contour lines of a map.

2nd Prize: Candle holder by Lilian Chamontin

The “pillar” part has been carved with the 4-axis rotative module. It’s made of 3 ascending spirals wrapped around a central column. The base part is made of oak and carved with the 3-axis CNC. It includes some height gradients (like a very flat cone) and 3 spiral shapes that are designed to align, or “morph” into the 3 coils of the pillar above. There are some tricky cuts in all 3 parts to make gluing stronger by maximizing the contact surface. This gift is meant for my wife as a symbol of our deep love.

3rd Prize: Custom-made Rummikub set by Mike Campagna

Finally finished my Christmas gift for the GF. It was a labor of love… and I used all 3 modules on my Snapmaker to do it!

Custom-made Rummikub set. The tiles are laser etched and the numbers are carved with CNC. The tiles racks are 3D printed and the box was laser cut and etched. 

3rd Prize: A present box by Kian Pelkington 

I chose to make my little sister this gift. She loves surprises so I designed a “present” box with my Snapmaker 3D printer. The box is completely 3D printed with the exception of some small pieces of string and paint. Then with the turn of a lever, the box pops open to reveal the gift inside. I also designed a little candy cane bowl for holding holiday treats to put inside.

3rd Prize: Christmas Bauble by Clara Lindner

Christmas Bauble ☃️ I made several Christmas baubles as gifts.

3rd Prize:  Mini-Schwibbogen “Christmas Train” by Robert Boscarelli

3rd Prize: Zoltan Tölgyes

3rd Prize: Patrick Kübler

My gift is an upcycled drum cymbal to a wall clock.

The dial is cnc milled and the holders are printed with black PLA material.

The winners above will be contacted via email soon.

Here are other entries that are definitely worth seeing! Thank you all for your participation. What contest themes you would like to see in 2023? Drop your ideas below!:d 

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