Snapmaker 7th Anniversary Column | Letter from Lightning Bug Club

Hi Makers,

Let’s meet Lightning Bug Club today! Lightning Bug Club is an owner of Snapmaker 2.0 and Snapmaker Artisan 3-in-1 3D Printer. Lightning Bug Club also once won the third prize in the 10th Snapmaking Contest “Remain Childlike” with a Kaleidoscope project. He has an Esty store that sells 3D printed goods.

When did you become a Snapmaker User?

Kickstarter for the A350 2.0! Been exclusive and faithful to Snapmaker ever since 😉

Why did you choose Snapmaker?

I wanted the 3-in-1 capability. As a mechanical engineer, I used the machine shop in college a lot and miss the freedom of making real things with multiple materials.

3D-printed Kaleidoscope

What is the most memorable project you have done with Snapmaker?

The clay cutter tool that I 3D printed custom for @mudwitch to use to cut some clay plates out in a special shape. It was my first time using PETG and I remember upgrading my linear modules before that. The program had a lot of squiggles in the design and it made the machine make a very enjoyable sound. I mostly remember loving hearing it print into the night – it was comforting 😆

Since becoming a Snapmaker user, what have you gained in your maker journey? 

I have products that I’ve designed and created with Snapmaker’s 3-in-1 capability that I intend to sell at an art market this month. It’s helped me unlock the freedom to allow myself to create and take my maker journey seriously.

Shimmering Lamp made with the 3D printing and CNC function of Snapmaker Artisan

From your perspective, what progress has Snapmaker made over these years? 

The hardware build quality has steadily improved in my opinion. The artisan is the best example of that. Luban, while still not my preferred software, has also improved greatly. I am excited about the paint mesh feature!

What do you want to say to the Snapmaker team? 

Hearing the desire for new features and fulfilling a lot of them has been one of my favorite parts of the team. It does seem like you listen to feedback and act on it. When necessary you justify the means for a decision and I highly respect that. Giving us transparency is so amazing 👏🏼

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