Snapmaker 7th Anniversary Column | Letter from Lilian Chamontin

Hi Makers,

Approaching the end of June, our 7th Anniversary Column also comes to its last episode. Over the past month, we are happy to talk to different users and get to know their stories. Lilian Chamontin from France often surprised the community with beautifully made CNC projects. He is also an active participant in our Snapmaking Contest held quarterly.

When did you become a Snapmaker user?

I became a Snapmaker user two years ago when I received it as a gift from my wife (I love her !) for my 50th birthday. I used to be a kind of a frustrated artist, with lots of things in my mind I was not able to transform into reality (music, drawing, sculpting…) due to a lack of manual skills. Now I’m still a frustrated artist (can’t do anything with my own hands ) but at least I can design original stuff and see it coming to reality. This is a big and very rewarding change!

Why did you choose Snapmaker?

I started using my Snapmaker F350 with the laser head, having the feeling it would be easier to master the technical side of it, then I moved to CNC which I still use very often, and finally 3D printing. Every time I design and make something new, I also learn something; and each time I have this great feeling of having passed a new mastery milestone. This is what motivates me the most.

A jewel box designed by Lilian (Files:

What is the most memorable project you have ever done with Snapmaker 3D printer?

I’m proud of all my designs, from my early CNC attempts (jewel box, Roman aqueduct) to the latest rotary gnomes. I’m also liking more and more 3D printing, which is a bit more practical-oriented, but it’s so nice to fix or enhance stuff: My latest aquarium toolkit (starting with a glass vase) involved designing an aquaponic system, lighting, heating, and feeding slots. My dozen of fish seem to love it!

An aquarium system with integrated aquaponics, made from an old vase (20/25 liters) and black PLA.  Lilian 3D-printed the pump/heat/light holder and the top flowers/filtering system. 

The Mandala Maker by Lilian

From your perspective, what progress has Snapmaker made over these years?

I love the built-in quality of Snapmaker and the latest Artisan design is awesome. I especially like the quick swap features (expecting them now for the 350 !) and the stronger and bigger tools provided. I’ll have to wait unfortunately a few years before being able to purchase one (or I try to win another contest and finish first this time !).

What do you want to say to the Snapmaker team?

I would like to encourage the Snapmaker team in their daily job: keep up the good work and improve the already fantastic tools you’ve designed. Oh and please implement a proper roughing pass for the rotary CNC, it’s doable right now but so error-prone it’s frustrating, and without it, it takes a full week to carve a medium-sized sculpture Thank you Snapmaker for having awakened the maker inside me.

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