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What’s New in Snapmaker Luban V4.10.0

Hey Makers,

We’re excited to let you know that Snapmaker Luban V4.10.0 is now available for update, especially for those who love laser engraving! This new version brings some significant updates that focus on optimizing image and graphic engraving. With finely tuned parameters, intricate patterns and complex designs can now be engraved with greater accuracy, achieving a more refined engraving experience.
You can explore and experiment with all the relevant parameters in the newly-added Optimization section in Toolpath Settings.
Luban V4.10.0
Now, let’s delve into the details of these exciting updates together!

1. Dot Width Compensation

Excessive burning in image engraving and dimensional deviation in cutting caused by the laser dot offset have long been a headache for many. But now, with the parameter of the Dot Width Compensation available to configure, your machine is now able to optimize the toolpath based upon the size of the laser dot to reduce contour deformation and blurs.
Dot Width Compensation

2. Over Scanning

If the work speed is set too high, the machine may not be able to achieve the target speed during machining due to acceleration constraints. This could result in insufficient engraving when the machine works in the dynamic power mode.
To solve this problem, you can now adjust the Over Scanning ratio in the Line-filled engraving mode to ensure that the actual work speed of the machine is as close as possible to the target speed. Appropriate adjustment of this parameter will not only fix insufficient engraving in the dynamic power mode as mentioned, but also address excessive burning in the constant power mode.
The underlying mechanism works by adding additional idle travel distance for the machine before it reaches the target speed. However, this also means sacrificing some machining travel distance, which might cause the machine to hit the limit switch if the overall travel distance exceeds the maximum work area. Therefore, we recommend being more cautious when adjusting this parameter.
Over Scanning

3. Scanning Offset

In Snapmaker Luban V4.10.0, you can tweak the parameter to compensate for the bidirectional scanning offset, which is caused by mechanical backlash and high-speed overshoot. This feature works for the Line-filled engraving mode and is designed to impress you especially in cases where there is a large mechanical backlash or when the design to be engraved is intricate with rich details.
Scanning Offset
Update Snapmaker Luban to V4.10.0 now to find out the cool new settings that will make your laser designs even more precise and visually appealing:
We can’t wait to see what awesome stuff you create and hear your feedback!

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  1. Original Kick starter and continued upgrades.

    Solid product
    Extremely well packed
    Recent 40w Ray
    Smart assembly

    My wallet speaks Snapmaker which is the only voice that really matters.

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