Snapmaker 2023 Recap & Expectations for 2024

In 2023, Snapmaker celebrated its seventh year. Looking back on the past year, it has been full of excitement and remarkable achievements. With the attention and support of users, Snapmaker is thriving and will continue to grow steadily in the future!

Launching new products with a focus on both hardware and software

Snapmaker values user feedback and continuously innovates to meet expectations. In June, the Snapmaker 2.0 Quick Swap Kit was introduced, significantly reducing switching time between modules and further enhancing work efficiency. In July, the 20W and 40W laser modules were released, allowing your 3D printer to upgrade into a more powerful desktop laser cutter. In August, Snapmaker launched its first standalone laser engraver and cutter, supporting various materials to meet creative needs and make creation effortless.
Responding to our user demands, our software Luban has undergone multiple iterations to improve the product experience. In version 4.8.0, we added mesh coloring tool and multi-color model slicing, enabling the application of two different colors in different areas. Additionally, an online case library was launched to share models suitable for multi-material printing. Version 4.10.0 updated the engraving parameters for pictures and graphics. With finely tuned parameters, intricate patterns and complex designs can now be engraved with greater accuracy.

Making appearances at exhibitions to showcase its strength

Snapmaker unveiled the Artisan 3-in-1 3D printer and J1 3D printer at the CES 2023 in January, marking the international debut of this domestic standout. The Artisan 3-in-1 3D printer even won the 2023 CES Innovation Award. In November, Snapmaker participated in the 2023 Formnext in Germany, showcasing the Snapmaker Ray 40W laser engraver and cutter offline for the first time, attracting many attendees for discussions and demonstrations.

Receiving industry recognition

Snapmaker’s Artisan 3-in-1 3D printer and J1 3D printer both won three major global design awards: the iF Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award, and the International Design Excellence Award 2023 Finalist. Furthermore, the Snapmaker J1 stood out among nearly 7,000 entries in the Goldreed Industrial Design Award, receiving the Good Product Design Award.

Fostering global partnerships for mutual success

Many overseas partners had the opportunity to visit China last year. Snapmaker hosted them for factory tours to deepen their understanding of Snapmaker’s manufacturing processes, building not only reliable products but also reliable partnerships.
Also, we kept visiting our partners to have extensive discussions and prospects for future collaborations, envisioning a brighter cooperation blueprint.

Connecting with users to build communities together

Every community member represents the core spirit of Snapmaker creators. The community’s feedback has always been crucial, inspiring many product developments. In 2023, stronger collaboration with the community was emphasized, earning user recognition through transparent communication. Before each new product launch, selected users were involved as early adopters to help improve product experiences. Additionally, users were invited to test beta versions of firmware and software firmware, providing feedback for further optimizations.

In May, to give back to the open-source community and make J1 an even better 3D printer, Snapmaker decided to share the source code of the Snapmaker J1 3D printer controller. In November, the Starmaker program was launched to recognize and reward exemplary community members with outstanding contributions. Moreover, at Formnext 2023, Snapmaker engaged with a group of loyal users offline to discuss product experiences deeply. Future efforts will continue to focus on community engagement, listening to feedback, bringing creation to everyone, and empowering the users to create their best.


Various contests to enhance interaction

  • March: 13th Snapmaking Contest “Make a multi-color print”
  • March: Giveaway “Snapmaker Egg Hunt”
  • June: 14th Snapmaking Contest “Games that made your childhood”
  • June: Virtual Party “Growing Together. Making Forever.”
  • August: Giveaway “If I have a Snapmaker Ray”
  • October: 15th Snapmaking Contest “Halloween Creations”
  • November: Giveaway “Get Started in Snapmaker”
  • November: Giveaway “May the Snap be with you”
  • December: Video Contest “Snapmaker Winter Wonderland”
Through these activities, we have seen many awesome projects and sincerity from users. Thank you for your continued participation and support!

Expectations of 2024

Today is the first day of March, a new start.

Anticipating the promising year of 2024, Snapmaker is dedicated to continuous innovation. We are excited to unveil new practical products shortly, including the highly anticipated 2W infrared laser module and a flagship release scheduled for Q4, all aimed at enhancing user experiences. Our focus remains on developing cutting-edge products, expanding market presence, fostering partnerships, and elevating Chinese brands worldwide.

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