Snapmaker 2022 Recap & Plans for 2023

Hi makers,

2022 is another year marked with uncertainty. Perhaps you have also been affected in one way or another. We hope your Snapmaker 3D printer has been by your side and helped you make something wonderful to brighten your life. Coming to the seventh year of Snapmaker, we are more than grateful to be backed by an ever-growing community. With your support, we overcame challenges and successfully launched not one but two brand-new 3D printers in 2022! Let’s follow the timeline below and see what we’ve accomplished in 2022!


  • Attended TCT Japan
Snapmaker at TCT Japan



Snapmaker at Apple Event
  • Teamed up with iMakr to showcase STEAM education solutions at BETT UK 
Snapmaker at BETT UK



  • Attended iF Design Award Night 2022 in Berlin
Snapmaker won iF Design Award



Snapmaker Artisan
Artisan Pilot Run
  • Sponsored Turkish student community SAITEM to compete in three energy car races




Snapmaker J1
  • Brought Artisan and J1 to TCT Asia in Shenzhen
Snapmaker at TCT Asia
  • Attended Formnext for the first time and debuted Artisan and J1 in Europe
Snapmaker at Formnext
Referral Program



Snapmaker Artisan 3-in-1 3D Printer

Snapmaker Artisan was officially launched in August 2022. It features 300°C Dual Extrusion 3D Printing, 10W High Power Laser Engraving & Cutting, and 200W CNC Carving & Cutting, bringing the capacity of 3-in-1 3D printer to the next level. This month, Snapmaker has also been named a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree for Snapmaker Artisan!

Hear what they thought of Artisan: DIY Machines, mpoxDE, 3D Maker Noob, and more to come.

Snapmaker J1 High Speed IDEX 3D Printer

Snapmaker J1 was officially launched in November 2022. It features lightning-fast IDEX, bringing you high-resolution prints while increasing the printing speed to 350 mm/s. With two separate extruders, it excels in dual-material printing and doubles productivity with Copy Mode & Mirror Mode.

Hear what they thought of J1: The 3D Print General, The Edge of Tech, mobiFlip, mpoxDE, and more to come.


In September, we released Luban v4.4.0. In this version, we made huge progress in supporting the 3D printing function, introducing a new interface, much more configurable parameters, simulation preview, new canvas style, model repair and model simplification, quick preview before slicing, toolpath optimization, 3MF and AMF formats support. Users can tweak 290+ parameters for material and printing settings, compared to the 50+ parameters in previous versions.

Customer Service

Our satisfaction score reached 97.21% in 2022. To further improve after-sales service, our maintenance warehouse has been successfully put into use in the USA. Plans for local maintenance warehouses in Canada and Europe are also on the way. In the future, we will further improve the quality and efficiency of our after-sales support.

Community Engagement 

Community is where we grow and thrive. In 2022, we continued the tradition of holding regular Snapmaking Contests. Many entries were real eye-openers for us! In 2022, we also tried something new. For example, we invited three users to write with us and share their knowledge through Snapmaker Academy, which can be found here. In September, we recruited 5 beta testers for J1. Their valuable inputs have helped us with the improvement of J1. Apart from the beta testing program, we have also collected many feedbacks from Facebook user groups throughout the year and answered some most-asked questions in the forum. We love to see how every in-depth discussion on our products has gradually made our community a better place. With the expanding product line, we now have three major user groups: Snapmaker Original/2.0 Owners, Snapmaker J1 Owners, and Snapmaker Artisan Owners. You are welcome to join the groups accordingly and share your daily making with fellow makers. 

Near the end of the year, we were also lucky enough to travel overseas and finally meet our users offline at Formnext. We believe we will return to more events in the near future!


Starting from October 28, 2022, customers can enjoy Free Shipping on orders over $99/€99 at Snapmaker US/EU/Global Official Store. And we now have 25 local delivery channels in the US, EU, UK, AU, and CA for us to reach the majority of places.

Global Market

We now have even more channel partners across the globe. We believe our partners’ expertise and vision in the 3D printing market will help us bring Snapmaker products and services to more places worldwide. Our STEAM education projects are also reaching more global students. For example, we are proud of supporting two of the nine curriculums under the STEAM Azerbaijan project which are “3D printing” and “CNC laser cutters.” We are also teaming up with education distributors like Learning Labs to showcase STEAM solutions at EDU conferences and tradeshows in Southeast US.

Plans for 2023

In the new year, our top priority is to keep on improving our products and services for users. In February, 10W Laser Module will soon be compatible with Snapmaker 2.0 A150. There will also be firmware updates that incorporate Vibration Compensation for F models, AT models, and A models with upgraded Linear Modules (20-lead XY axes). Please stay tuned for this exciting update! In the second and third quarters of 2023, we will launch the quick-swap addon for Snapmaker 2.0; Artisan, J1, and Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module will also be in stock by then.

Also, we look forward to seeing you more often in the community! Do you have any 3D printing plans in 2023 or any expectations of Snapmaker? We would love to hear from you!

Wish you a happy new year:D

Happy Making,

Team Snapmaker

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  1. Is there an update since December 26th on shipping dates for my order # SMUS2022419104?

  2. All great. But I ordered (and fully paid) a printer which was promised to be shipped between Jan 6-13. That is 1-2 weeks ago. Now is Jan 18. Still not shipped. No mail, nothing. No answer to my mails to customer service.

    New products may be exciting, but first fulfill your promises to paying customers.

        1. Just received a mail from customer service that the printer is shipped from China to EU warehouse. From there it will be delivered, hopefully next week.

          Let’s hope the printer has shipped from China before the country closes down for the New Year holidays.

          For those of you over there: Happy New Year.

  3. Hello, nice update!

    Could u please give us an estimate delivery Start for Artisan?

    Best Regards

  4. Dear Snapmaker,

    I wish to draw your attention to a discussion thread I created in Aug 2022, for releasing the schematics of Snapmaker Original to open-source developers:

    With Artisan becoming your most important platform, it is expected that expansion support for Snapmaker 2.0 will end, just as support for the Original line faced a similar fate. However, by making the Original’s plans open-source, you will enable those of us lacking the means to purchase a brand new range to extend (and perhaps even expand) its lifespan…

    As you have stated “repeatedly” in your online correspondence, a great many of us made your platform possible. Do not abandon us now – give the community the ability to further support Original.

    1. Hi Simon. Thank you for the feedback. We have received open-source inquiries from time to time. We will consider these inquiries seriously and give out our answers in the upcoming few months.

  5. Hi. I am a backer of Jadelabo J1 and was very impressed with the development of the machine, which was largely delayed due to the knowledge, experience and feedback from backers, which was managed very well. I was very happy that Snapmaker ended up with the J1 and successfully bringing it to market. There have been some teething problems associated with firmware, slicers and user knowledge/experience, which is to be expected with a new printer. I have not actually printed much with my J1, but been very happy with its build quality, currently awaiting further firmware improvement to solve the layer shifting problem and running with v2.13 of firmware. My biggest problem is whilst there are options for different slicers, I just updated to Simplify3D v5 which is my preferred slicer and there is no current profile available for J1 (although I have commented this many times in the owners forum, with likes and comments, nothing seems to be progressing).
    Therefore my J1 might lay idle for a while until hopefully a profile is released for Simplify3D. This may seem a bit stubborn but I am currently running the v5 slicer on my old printer and I truly believe this will enhance my J1 capabilities, as it has with my existing machine.

  6. I ordered the dual extrusion module last September and it still hasn’t shipped. Order # SMUS2022417371.


  7. Thanks for this update! I am very interested in the quick-swap addon for the Snapmaker 2.0! And I hope there will be more updates for it in the future, I totally agree with the comment of Simon.

  8. Is the SM original still available?
    My grandson has shown an interest in 3D printing and I thought that the original would be a good starting place to learn and understand the equipment.
    I would expect that the original price would be easier on the wallet than the SM 2.0 as a gift.
    Please advise.

    PS Also waiting for my Dual Extrusion head SM2022441414

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